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Autochthonous Hawai'i

Kāhuli (Achatinella lila) card

Kāhuli (Achatinella lila) card

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4.25"x5.5" with envelope included.

Description on back:

"Kāhuli on ‘Ōhi’a

Kāhuli is one of several names for Hawaiian tree snails. This one, Achatinella lila, is critically endangered and threatened by introduced predators and habitat loss.

‘Ōhi’a lehua (Metrosideros polymorpha) is a tree that many kāhuli species call home. Unlike some snails, these endemic mollusks do not harm the tree, but instead graze algae and fungus that grow on leaves, helping native trees perform vital functions.

At least 15% of all profits directly support conservation efforts in Hawai’i.


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