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Autochthonous Hawai'i

‘Ōma’o and ‘Ōlapa card

‘Ōma’o and ‘Ōlapa card

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4.25"x5.5" with envelope included.

Description on back:

"‘Ōma’o and ‘Ōlapa

‘Ōma’o (Myadestes obscurus), found only on Hawai’i Island, are important seed dispersers for native fruit. These shy forest thrushes have melodious flute-like songs unique among Hawaii’s birds.

‘Ōlapa (Cheirodendron trigynum) is an endemic tree in the ginseng family. ‘Ōlapa, like ‘ōma’o, can often be heard before they are seen; the leaflets of these trees flutter in the breeze and sound almost like the patter of rain.

At least 15% of all profits directly support conservation efforts in Hawai’i.


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