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Autochthonous Hawai'i

Nēnē and 'Ōhelo card

Nēnē and 'Ōhelo card

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4.25"x5.5" with envelope included.

Description on back:

"Nēnē and ‘Ōhelo

‘Ōhelo, a relative of blueberry, is found only in Hawai’i. They grow well in volcanic soil, and are a favorite food of the nēnē.

Nēnē are also endemic (native only to Hawai’i) and are important dispersers for native fruits. Nēnē nearly went extinct when their population dwindled to about 30 birds in 1952, but thanks to dedicated efforts, their population has grown.


At least 15% of all profits directly support conservation efforts in Hawai’i.


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