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Autochthonous Hawai'i

Hāhā and ‘I’iwi Pōpolo card

Hāhā and ‘I’iwi Pōpolo card

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4.25"x5.5" with envelope included.

Description on back:

"Hāhā and ‘I’iwi Pōpolo

Although ‘i’iwi are well known for their bright scarlet plumage, juvenile birds sport feathers of gold, red, ochre, and dark speckles.

The endangered hāhā (Cyanea grimesiana subsp. grimesiana) has a flower shaped perfectly to fit the bill of Hawaiian honeycreepers, who historically pollinated it while sipping its nectar. These species are endemic to Hawai’i—found nowhere else on earth.

At least 15% of all profits directly support conservation efforts in Hawai’i.


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