Laysan albatross on Kure Atoll photot by Saxony Charlot

Autochthonous Hawai'i

Autochthonous means native; something that is formed in the place where it is found, as if sprung from the earth itself.

My goal with Autochthonous Hawai'i is to promote appreciation for Hawai'i's native species and ecosystems through art. Holding the unfortunate title of "the extinction capital of the world", Hawai'i is in dire need of conservation action and awareness. Many of Hawai'i's native species are endemic--that is, they are found exclusively in Hawai'i and nowhere else. By protecting these species, we protect millions of years of a rich biodiversity legacy.

10% of the profits of each sale through this website are donated to various conservation efforts in Hawai'i.

Saxony Charlot with Hawai'i 'amakihi

About me

Hi! My name is Saxony Charlot. I was born and raised on O'ahu and grew up on a small family farm in Waimānalo. My great grandfather, Jean Charlot, and grandfather, Martin, have both been artistic inspirations for me throughout my life. Since I was a kid I've had a keen interest in Hawai'i's native species and their conservation.

After spending most of 2018 to 2021 working on Hōlanikū (Kure Atoll), I realized a big part of conservation is facilitating understanding and appreciation for what we try to protect in our work. I figured art is a great way to do just that!

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