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Autochthonous Hawai'i

Hawaiian Lobelioid sticker pack (6 stickers)

Hawaiian Lobelioid sticker pack (6 stickers)

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The Hawaiian lobelioids are the largest botanical radiation in all of Hawai'i, with over 125 species. There are six genera of lobeliods, five of which are endemic.


Six lobelioid species are represented here, a small but still colorful selection to represent the group:

- Clermontia peleana subsp. peleana

- Clermontia lindseyana

- Clermontia parviflora

- Cyanea stictophylla

- Cyanea grimesiana subsp. grimesiana

- Lobelia oahuensis

All stickers approximately 3" at their largest. Waterproof, weatherproof, and UV protected.

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