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Autochthonous Hawai'i

Tattoo ticket

Tattoo ticket

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If you’d like a tattoo of any of my pieces, please support me by buying a ticket! This is not a physical ticket, but gives you virtual consent to get one of my illustrations inked. This applies only for existing illustrations.

Let me know in the notes section of your purchase which illustration you want as a tattoo, and I will email you  a high resolution file (if available, some older illustrations I may not have a file).

I would love to see your final tattoo if you’re willing to share :)

Please note that this does not apply to pieces labeled “commission”—commissioned work is often personal and I feel that those designs should not be replicated either as prints, tattoos, or otherwise. This ticket is for one tattoo of one illustration, and is not intended for commercial use or multiple uses. 

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